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All sorts of cool fighting games are waiting for you at Defeat your opponents in all kinds of crazy battles, from martial arts tournaments to street fights, and from war games to military combat missions. Whether you are allowed to use weapons or only melee techniques, these games involve deadly violence. Can you defend yourself against your attackers while fighting back with a few targeted attacks?

In other self-defense games, you have to use your taekwondo movements or karate strokes so that the other fighters submit. Or how about if you become a nimble ninja? Grab your sword and show us your skills as you destroy all the enemies who dare to resist and get on and become an invincible fighting machine.

If you would rather fight with weapons than fists, gather your soldiers in one of our many military fighting games. Lead your army into battle and fight against enemy troops. Expand the equipment available to your troops and lead your men to victory. Whether you are fighting waves of monsters, demonstrating your skills and fighting spirit in a judo fight or winning a pocket monster battle. We have got the best online fighting games for you on our web site.